Tackling my Fear of Public Speaking

tackling my fear of public speaking
Does the thought of giving a speech fill you with instant dread?

I’m going to be giving a speech tomorrow at my fiancés Mum’s wedding. To some people, this might not be that big of a deal, but to everyone else – including me – it induces a lot of nervous panics. After all, I have a fear of public speaking. This is not entirely surprising, especially when you consider the fact that public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world.

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Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation

Everything in moderation, including moderationWhen I was growing up, my Mum used to always say to me “everything in moderation, including moderation”. I never really understood the meaning of this when I was younger. It’s only as I’ve grown older that I’ve come to realise the importance of that message. It’s now something that I try to stay particularly mindful of, especially during times when I feel I may be overdoing something to a certain degree. After all, too much of anything – even something good – can be a bad thing.

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Don’t Think, Just Do!

A yellow sticky note with the text JUST DO IT!
Don’t think about it. Just Do IT!

Don’t think about doing it, just do it!

This is a mindset that I’m trying to adopt more and more in my life recently.

I’ve come to realise that the moment I start to think about doing something is usually the same moment I start to procrastinate on doing something. The two really go hand in hand for me, and it can be extremely self-destructive!

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