Expectations Ruin Everything

expectations ruin everything
Stop expecting. Start appreciating.

Have you ever noticed that some of the best times you’ve had in your life have been when you least expected them? The memories that give you the most happiness when you look back tend to be the ones that involved little to no planning – the times when things just happened naturally as if they were meant to.

I have often found this to be the case.

An example from my own life would be the countless nights out I’ve had with friends. When I really think about it, the best of those nights were the ones that had no prior planning or thought. There were zero expectations for what might happen, and those were the nights that I enjoyed the most. Could this really be because there were no expectations in the first place?

I definitely think so.

As soon as you start to think of something that has been planned, your mind, almost automatically, comes up with all these brilliant, yet usually unrealistic, things that could happen. This is really exciting at the time, but sadly when these “things” you thought out in your mind don’t play out as you imagined them to, you instantly feel let down and a bit flat about the whole experience. This is why I try to go into every situation with zero expectations – even if it’s something that I know is 99% likely to guarantee a good time, because regardless what happens, I won’t be let down.

I recommend to everyone reading this that you should stop expecting. Instead of expecting, start appreciating, and see how things pan out  – because expectations really can ruin everything.

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