Flip Life: My 1st Week In

A random collection of items including: A Fairy Tale Book, Jigsaws, Mugs, Teapots, Plates, Disney Memorabilia
Here’s what I’ve bought so far… I’m only 4 days in!

I’m currently 4 days into my whole Flip Life side hustle business where I buy things and attempt to flip them for profit.

The Flip Life – When Am I Doing This?

I’m doing this outside of my main job, which means I’m busy with it between the hours of 18:00-22:30.

When I’m not actively researching what specific items are worth, I’m hunting down things which I reckon are worth buying. I’m mainly doing this with the help of Facebook Marketplace and Charity Shops.

Where Am I Finding Things to Sell?

Facebook Marketplace: I check out things that people are selling locally, if I see something that I feel is worth more than they are asking, I open a new tab and google the shit out of it. eBay is a fantastic indicator as to what things are worth, and what they’ve previously sold for. If it looks like a profit can be made on it, I message the seller and arrange a deal.

Charity Shops: I head to these at the weekends and see what’s on offer. I’m currently interested in anything that looks collectable, and a lot of this at the moment seems to be official Disney items.

In the video below I discuss the things I’ve bought so far. Bear in mind that I’ve only been doing this for 4 days, so it might not look like much, but to me it is.

I’m pretty excited about the potential with a lot of these items.

Make sure to check out my previous post, Flipping Things for Profit, if you’re curious as to what got me involved with this in the first place. Hopefully, it will psych you up to try giving it a go too. One thing I will say is this whole Flip Life thing is starting to get really addictive!

So, the thing that remains to be seen is how much money can be built up from doing this on the side. Will it be substantial enough to help with my wedding costs next year? I guess time will tell.

Do you flip things on the side, or perhaps do it as a full-time gig? Let me know in the comments section, thanks! 🙂

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