How to Keep Cool at Night

how to keep cool at nightI’ve recently moved to a new build home which has brilliant insulation in the walls and ceiling. This is obviously good news when it comes to saving money on our heating bills, but it’s a bloody nightmare when it comes to trying to sleep at night, especially with this heatwave that we’re currently experiencing (something which is rare for Scotland, so I won’t whinge about it too much!). If you too are wondering how to keep cool at night, please do read on and hopefully, my suggestions will help you.

Here’s what I currently recommend for keeping cool through the night:

  1. Sleep naked (obviously, this is not suitable for everyone)
  2. Ensure you’re well hydrated before going to bed
  3. Have your bedroom window open – even a slight gap can make a difference
  4. Have a relatively cold shower before bed – don’t opt for freezing cold as I find your body then makes an attempt at warming itself up, which is obviously something you want to avoid
  5. Keep a fan of some type, or an air conditioning unit (if you’re lucky), besides your bed. I make do with a pizza foam disc which I use as a manual fanning device – it works surprisingly well!
  6. Sleep on the lowest floor of your house if possible – heat rises, so stay cool by keeping low
  7. Use a body cooling spray as and when needed – I like this one from Boots
  8. Sleep with a duvet that has a lower tog rating than what you’re used to, or better yet, sleep with no duvet at all – although many people like that “safe feeling” you get from sleeping with a duvet, so if that’s you, then skipping it completely won’t work out well

Feel free to share your tips for how to keep cool at night. Bonus points for those with the most creatively frugal ideas!

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