Bullet Journaling My Way To Sanity

This post is part of an ongoing series titled Things That Have Improved Your Life.

In this series, I welcome readers of this blog to share an improvement they’ve made in their life. This improvement could be anything – from a new diet or exercise plan to a certain place visited or person they’ve met.

I then ask questions as to how their life has improved, and whether they would recommend others try to make this same thing possible in their own lives.

Bullet Journaling My Way To Society

Today’s interview takes place with Stacey Sacco.

Stacey tells us how her life improved when she started her very own bullet journal. To those who don’t know, a bullet journal is kind of like a filing cabinet for your brain. The great thing is you can set yours up in a unique way that works specifically for you – and that’s exactly what Stacey here has done.

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